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REGUPOL vibration

REGUPOL VIBRATION 主要是運用在振動及結構聲隔離,共有八種產品類型。載重的範圍為 0.002 ~ 1.5 N/mm²之間。適用於機器、游泳池、健身房以及建築物內有關振動及結構聲隔離,或建築物靠近鐵道路基礎結構的隔振處理(被動隔振),或鐵道路本身振動源的隔振處理。此產品是依據 ISO 的標準測試且經由 CE 認證的隔振產品。依據德國與歐洲技術認可的標準來進行內部的品質管控,由第三方單位來監控,以確保品質的一致性。


The REGUPOL vibration Range is based on rubber fibres and granules and has been used successfully worldwide for vibration isolation and structure-borne sound decoupling of machinery and vibration protection in buildings since the early 1990s. The material, made of recycled rubber from vehicle tyres, is extremely resilient and durable. Even after decades in use, its properties only change marginally. Successfully completed projects and expert opinions document the quality of these materials.

The REGUPOL vibration products have relatively wide load ranges and are characterised by a constant natural frequency. Best outcomes can be expected if the product is used within the range of the specified load capacity limit. Exceeding this load limit does lead to progressive spring characteristics but not to material failure. In fact, the rated value for maximum load capacity is 150 to 200 % of the specified limit.