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此系列產品上方載重最大可達 5000 kg/m²,購物手推車、推高機…等等所產生的低頻結構噪音可有效的被降低,因此此產品系列的應用範圍廣泛,包括住宅,旅館,公共空間…等等。

此系列是依據 ISO 的標準測試,且經由 CE 認證的衝擊音隔離產品。此系列產品擁有德國與歐洲技術認可,且以此標準來進行內部的品質管控,並由第三方單位來監控,以確保品質的一致性。


The REGUPOL and REGUFOAM sound products have been developed for heavy duty screed in retail premises, large-scale kitchens and canteens, cinemas, fitness studios and other commercially used areas. With thicknesses between 8 mm and 17 mm and low dynamic stiffness values of ≤ 30 MN/m³ to ≤ 6 MN/m³ impact sound reductions between ∆L≥ 22 dB and ∆L≥ 34 dB can be achieved.

In special cases, two-layer designs with improvement values of ∆L≥ 36 dB can also be provided. REGUPOL and REGUFOAM sound products are regularly monitored by internal quality control plans and third-party inspections according to the relevant European Technical Assessments. Further, they are in line with the high environmental and health protection requirements stipulated in German building regulations. These measures guarantee planning certainty not only within Germany but also worldwide.